Tuesday, February 8, 2011

number EIGHT


8. He is a total nerd! He is completely content with spending an evening in playing his video games all night. I love that all the guys will go out to the bars, and he just plays video games instead.... The video games drive me nuts sometimes, for instance, when I'm wanting his attention on the phone, but I still love him in-spite of :)

p.s. Jakeb will be retiring his xbox ways when he gets home, he's not taking it so well. Please keep him & his poor video games in your prayers. thanks :)

number SEVEN


7. Not only is he loyal to me, but he has amazing family values. He has adopted my family as his own, along with holding his family very dear to him. He would do anything in the whole world for his siblings, and I love that about him. He is going to be the most outstanding father out there! He makes the best decisions, and I envy him for that. I know our children will be lead down an amazing road someday with Jake as their father.

number SIX


6. His loyalty is, undeniably, the most amazing feeling ever. Through everything we've faced over the past years he's always stood strong beside me. He never lets me forget who is first in his life, and who matters the most. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I am worth all the loyalty he shows me, and then he reminds me, it doesn't matter what I think.... I'll ALWAYS be number one!

*At sloan & nate's wedding! we love them*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

number FIVE


4. He has an amazing appetite! Not only for my food but also for life. He is so optimistic about what is ahead for us. I love the fact that no matter what I attempt to make in the kitchen, he is such a good sport. This whole "domesticated wife" thing isn't as easy as it seems, and he is so nice when it comes to my food!

*he was also VERY nice to these doughnuts in california*

Friday, February 4, 2011

number FOUR


4. He never takes us for granted!
Most normal couples wake up each day, say good morning, make some breakfast, read the paper, kiss each other good bye for the day, come home, have dinner together, cuddle in front of the t.v, go to bed, kiss each other good night and do it all over again the next day. But NOT us... the last day we saw each other we woke up, kissed each other good morning, had breakfast, drove to the airport, cried & said goodbye until next time! He is not ashamed to show how much he loves me, no matter who is around. When we are together we cherish every moment we have.

I love that he is not afraid to show his feelings anymore!

*him crying as i was walking down the isle*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

number THREE


3. I love his goofy personality. No matter what is going on, what mood is in the room, or who's in trouble, he is always making jokes. He loves to make funny faces at me from behind people's backs, which is sometimes too much to hold in! He always keeps a smile on my face!

I love you jakeb ray bowyer!

jarrett rylan

This little man turned 11 years old yesterday, yes thats right I said ELEVEN!!! I still remember the day he came home from the hospital. I loved having the responsibilities of the 'BIG' sister. He always brought so much happiness to our home. It amazes me day by day how much more love I can feel for this little guy when each day I tell myself, "there is no way I could have room to love him anymore."

*he is seriously so precious*
*on the pier in california*
*his hugs always make everything better*
*he's so brave!*
*and so SO dang adorable*
He's melted my heart since the day he came home, and more & more each day that I watch him grow. He is going to be such an outstanding man someday.

JARRETT RYLAN: your sister loves you more than you will ever know!